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When it comes to links, we know best. We’re selling 5 packages first come, first served!

Sort your SEO out this summer with a power pack of Casino link perfection.

  • Beautifully distributed for performance
  • Permanent powerful posts & no PBNs
  • Seamlessly embedded within fine journalistic content
  • Content production semantics hosting site – RankBrain friendly special recipe
  • Perfectly distributed anchor & target page variation
  • Delivered with our 2017 and beyond, safety measures
  • Permanent placements, guaranteed for 12 months
  • Seamless link integration provided by Sense2Vec
  • Measurably safe Doc2Vec embedded paragraph to target page validation.
  • The word embedding models (above) trained on 5 Billion page Common Crawl corpus

NO TIRE KICKERS PLEASE – If you’re simply interested in the approach – CEO Paul Reilly is at SiGMA, he’d love to talk to you all about it. Feel free to line up a conversation using the form –>

Link building is far too risky, so we’re not taking any chances. This is why we’re regarded as the safest yet most aggressive link-building supplier in the business.

Optimised for UK Casino & Slots

Can you imagine what 1285 of pure link citation flow perfectly semantically tie-in and entirely indistinguishable from a natural organic post.

This Pack Contain Only Real Trusted Sites

No need to take my word for it,  look at the Citation Flow / Trust Flow distributions

Tuned for UK SEO Performance

A beautifully blended package is optimised for maximum UK Casino / Slots performance.

1285 Total Citation Flow of safely delivered high quality, perfectly distributed, permanent links.

Minimum order of 10

10 links (content and genius inclusive)
£5300 (standard pricing)

20 links (content and genius inclusive) discounted by 7.5%
£9911 (save £680)

32 links (content and genius inclusive) discounted by 15%
£14416 (save £2544)

Enquiries use the form and we’ll be in touch.

Paul Reilly - founder and CEO

Paul Reilly is the founder of Media Skunk Works and a veteran pioneer of forensic SEO. He has consistently redefined the bleeding edge of SEO and has industrialised link-building. Having consulted with all of the largest iGaming operators over nearly two decades and maintained a philosophy that in order to survive we are required adapt, preemptively to successive new eras or paradigms within SEO, never reactively . The A.I. Era is no different: “Tackling a deep learning with human scale thinking is irresponsible, at best”.

Once They're Gone, They're Gone!