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The Truth About Buying Links

You may have heard, like we have…

Links are dead; links don’t work; link building is bad; winners don’t buy links?

Some variation on that theme?

It’s not for me to persuade, influence or cajole you either way – merely to present the facts. If I were you, I’d stay away from buying links. Especially if your livelihood depends on it. Buying links is extremely risky. Google’s AI is far more capable than a human when tasked with anomaly detection.

For many SEOs, deep neural networks have already turned the link building game into a no-fly zone. So why risk it? Why pay for something, when you could earn it for free?

Imagine you’re a travel blogger

Of course you love to write about hotels, resorts, perhaps even a hire car upgrade. I would go as far as saying, that you almost believe it to be your civic duty to write about it.

Imagine for a moment you’re a fashion blogger

Now is your editorial integrity so easily bought? How about a pair of tickets to an exclusive Paris catwalk (travel and accommodation not included)? A pair of shoes (not the red sole kind)? Or a faux leather belt? Tickets inclusive of hotel? 5 star?

Raising the integrity stakes a little further

How much is your editorial integrity worth, if it’s a car insurance company asking to purchase your soul? 

Discount off your next car insurance? A stuffed Russian meerkat? No? Imagine you’re mummy blog and a 4-year-old daughter and I offer to throw in a signed copy of Aleksandr meerkat’s book?

What if you’re approached by a personal injury lawyer?

How about a payday loans company?

You see how this effects the dynamics of the transaction? It’s no longer a matter of integrity. The price you put on your soul isn’t important any more and it hasn’t been for some time now. Yes, it used to be… but not any more!

The truth of the matter is this…

At some point during the last decade, the website you want to get a link on – unless he’s been ignoring his emails or has recently woken from a coma – has already been approached by 888 for a deal (unless they’re Finnish, but that’s one for another time).

They already know how much the link is worth. If it wasn’t 888 or Party Poker, it could equally have been my guys who ruined it for everyone thereafter. Whoever rang the same bell, Pavlov used to train those cute puppies, it doesn’t matter! All that matters is someone did ring it. 

And that, is that!

Paul Reilly - founder and CEO

Paul Reilly is the founder of Media Skunk Works and a veteran pioneer of forensic SEO. he has consistently redefined the bleeding edge of SEO and has industrialised, link-building. Having consulted with all of the largest iGaming operators over nearly two decades and maintains a philosophy that in order to survive we are required adapt, preemptively to successive new eras or paradigms within SEO, never reactively . The A.I. Era is no different: “Tackling a deep learning with human scale thinking is irresponsible, at best”..

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