Conflicts of Interest in SEO Are Unethical

We will never engage with more than one client who share the same objectives within natural search. We consider this unethical and unworkable given the nature of SEO given the characteristics the discipline shares with a competitive sport.

Unlike other marketing channels, within SEO, particularly iGaming SEO (Casino, Bingo, Poker). There is very little available search volume and therefore revenue potential in the tail, i.e. two, three and even four or more word phrases. the distribution. The top three ranked sites on Google’s results pages account for 60% of the available search volume. With drop off rapidly diminishing from positions four down to the bottom of the page.

Furthermore Google’s introduction of Places, News, Video, Images, Product and other integrated information. Ensure that top three results are where the party really starts.

Consider positions #1, #2, #3 within the super-competitive iGaming SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) equivalent to gold, silver and bronze medals at the olympics. Media Skunk Works are proud to have won more iGaming olympic medals than the entire eConsultancy top 25 agencies combined (that’s a conservative estimate)

Sports betting is very different to Casino, Poker and Bingo. In many ways it’s more closely related to Travel SEO. It has huge, localised, seasonal and event driven long-tail which share identical characteristics to those within the travel industry. It also share another key commonality in that both sports fans and travellers love to share information related to either the game or their last vacation.

However, Objective Exclusivity should be observed in Sports Betting SEO for the same fundamental reasons. Regardless of the far greater volume of phrases which all drive highly qualified and potent traffic, only three medals, Gold, Silver or Bronze matter.