We Believe In Glasslike Transparency

With three levels of client sign off, and customisable transparency our reporting will provide a level of transparency which is unheard of in the SEO agency world. What we promise to deliver is guaranteed but more importantly, how we propose to deliver it is also guaranteed. Yes, that’s a key differentiator. This about that an read it again. We not only guarantee deliverables, but also the method of delivery.

Samples link reporting options

Sample link reporting – you decide how much or how little visibility you require.

Having identified the main points of failure in a link based SEO we’ve address these issues and provide a ultra-secure, business-critical service, to select top-tier clients, who understand and recognise the importance of doing things right.

Another Media Skunk Works innovation which is now publicly available within my.reach.ai is the link spectral analysis chart. Which allows simple visualisation of link profile distortion relative to your competitors.

It comes in two flavours: Percentage comparison chart (see below)



Spectral analysis charting also can be displayed as in relative link volume terms. This visualisation forms part of the wider algorithmic monitoring system which we cover in more detail within the technology pages of the site.



However if you are curious as to what an algorithm update looks like, here it is – Currently (at the time of writing, we’re seeing the most volatile algorithm update in the history of Google – See below.. the thickness of the light green line represents the daily average standard deviation of each 6 hourly snapshot of search results in the UK.



To see what that equates to in terms of sites’s adversely impacted it looks like this – again, when we say FULL transparency we mean full transparency, our unique crawling infrastructure enables visualisations in any way you can imagine. All of our innovations are derived as a bi-product of solving unique problems for our unique client’s challenges.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.39.28