Rest Assured

The First Truly Business Critical SEO Support Agency

The MediaSkunkWorks innovation lab enables its’ clients to enjoy a sustainable, competitive advantage in the most aggressive markets. Each technological innovation and process refinement has been developed, optimised and tested to ensure unprecedented industry-leading accuracy, safety, sustainability and integrity. We pride ourselves on a reputation for setting and maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

Objective Exclusivity – Conflicts of Interest

We will never engage with more than one client who share the same objectives within natural search. We consider this unethical and unworkable, given the discipline’s shared characteristics with competitive sports. Read more.

We Never Enter Awards Or Discuss Any Client Case Studies

We consider this increasingly common breach of security both irresponsible and unethical. We are mindful that disclosing the details of a strategy or the commercial success of a campaign for the purpose of acquiring new clients has a number of detrimental affects.

Campaign Portability – Say goodbye to supplier lock-in

We’ll be delighted to assist with migrating outsourced operations back into your business. We provide tools to deliver efficiencies, manage workflow and processes, scalability, as well as assisting with human resource, change-management and training.

Glasslike Transparency – with a variable focus lens

Our detailed reports are bespoke to your needs.

Not only do they cover what they are and where they are placed on the page, but also with which anchor text, and include any, or all of the 56 accurate metrics you’ve chosen, to determine  quality.

Link Placement Crawl – all placements are checked and guaranteed

We re-crawl every link placed on a daily basis – automated notification is delivered to our publisher liaison team for immediate action. If we cannot negotiate n suitable fix with the publisher, we’ll replace the link with no questions asked.

No Link Renewal Fees – all placements are permanent and carry a 12 month warranty

Should any link disappear, we change its anchor text, become no-follow within the first 12 months of placement, and we will replace it with a link of equal or greater quality (based on the agreed quality criteria) – all links are permanent and should you wish to extend this warrant, MediaSkunkWorks can supply additional terms to support this.

No 3rd Party Brokers – the invisible deadly threat!

We NEVER use 3rd party brokers under any circumstances. Most agencies will use brokers, who promiscuously distribute lists of inventory freely to Google Mail services. More shockingly, they often send lists of inventory FROM Google Mail services. Secure

Communications – we take security very seriously

All inbound email communications are filtered for Google Mail headers. We never use Google services for communications and all link approvals are sent securely via a proprietary client approval interface. We are happy to optionally interface with our clients using a choice of encrypted communications protocols including email, VOIP and chat communications.

Confidentiality and Operational Integrity – we don’t take chances with your business

One of the biggest risks to the safety of your link campaign is the integrity of our employees. Disgruntled ex-colleagues and data leakage can destroy an enterprise overnight – all our personnel are subject to strict Non-Disclosure Agreements and regular polygraph testing to ensure the integrity of our team.

Auditing and Indemnity – because in an unregulated industry talk is cheap

We’re aware that many of these processes are invisible to the client. We are open to audit, without prior notice, by a pre-agreed nominee expert to verify that the above processes are being followed. We accept liability for damages where we have failed to adhere to the above safety protocols.

Truly Client Centric – let us take your unusual problems and turn them into fun challenges

Our policy is simple – to make our clients’ lives easier. Consider MSW, your creative search technology partner. Need Casino links in Finland? No problem. Need to track millions of keywords every hour and report results in Google Singapore, 1000 results deep… in Simplified Chinese?? With a few simple parameters, our scalable crawling technology will blaze though results like a hot knife through butter.