Changing landscapes with new HQ

Media Skunk Works has a new home! We have settled into our new HQ, an award-winning and truly gob-smacking building just outside of York City Centre.

We love that we stand out a mile. In a beautiful City, so steeped in history, you really can't miss the contemporary timber-framed structure with more windows than Microsoft. Affectionately known as "The Spaceship" in-house, we really are taking off now at Zero House.

Standing back and taking a look at this striking construction set in amongst some lovely houses in a leafy part of York and we can't help but agree that it is a perfect match for our ethos. A progressive and forward-thinking building, working in and with more seasoned surroundings while undoubtedly altering the scene with its presence, it was the only place for us as we continue to change our competitive landscape by challenging traditional models and finding better ways of working. Better for results, better for clients.

Looking at pre-build pictures, we see further evidence that just because something has a legacy, it's not necessarily best left and it certainly does not guarantee its place in the future. We share a penchant for innovation, pushing boundaries and questioning the status quo with our new base. And as always, with change comes challenge; for Zero House, it was planning permission and for us, it was the perception of the traditional agency model. And we're proving over and over again that the challenge is one well worth overcoming.

With plenty of space for client visits and the occasional party, we're sure we'll be very happy here creating world-class dream-teams and delivering results that continue to wow our clients as much as Headquarters wows the passing traffic.


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