#BAClink launches

Paul Reilly launched a new hashtag to help affiliates counter operators’ brand protection strategies this morning at Barcelona Affiliates Conference 2011. #BAClink will be used to encourage a collaborative approach amongst affiliates in the ongoing and collective effort to prevent operators push them down the rankings, for a greater share of the igaming wallet.

We are all feeling the love at this year’s iGB Affliliate Conference in Barcelona. The sun is out and the free bars a-plenty. In-keeping with expectations and previous form, Media Skunk Works founder Paul Reilly, just had to push it just that little bit further. In a lively head-to-head with Nick Garner, Global Head of Search at Unibet, Paul roused the crowd into this pioneering venture, through a the launch of a novel concept, namely affiliates boosting themselves and one another by actively sharing links and collectively giving the operators a run for their money…or that of the online gamer . The analogies used – the atom, the universe, the human body, the London Riots, Middle Eastern revolutions – led to the inevitable conclusion that there is not only safety in numbers, there is indeed power.

But hang on.

Collaboration amongst affiliates? Surely not? "It will never happen"...according to Mr Garner, who made it crystal clear that he, as an operator, would no longer take the hijacking of brands by affiliates lying down. No longer, he said, would he be giving affiliates "a free ride". The argument from the operators' perspective was, as far as we could tell, that "it's mine, hands off". But this is not a business strategy with which we are familiar or indeed one with any record of historical success.

When the only challenge from the opposition is that the very notion of a collective effort is flawed and that "collaboration will never work", suddenly there's a clear benefit in pulling together. A common problem lends itself well to a common solution. Or as Paul put it, "have a free ride, enjoy it".

We're excited to already see some activity in the past hour. Get involved on twitter #BAClink followed by the markets and territories that are of interest to you and let's get things moving. Any questions, email paul@mediaskunkworks.com or grab him at the event - he'll be at the bar.


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