#winning: iGaming Regatta 2011

Team Media Skunk Works loves the opportunity to test its ethos under the most unusual of circumstances, in new and challenging environments and under any amount of pressure. So, when the chance to compete in the inaugural igaming regatta presented itself, Media Skunk Works' eyes widened; we simply smiled and said, “Bring. It. On.”.

Okay, so the environment in which we found ourselves, namely the stunning and sunny igaming hub of Malta, wasn’t necessarily a hardship, but with admitted limited seafaring experience between us, we knew that to win, strategy and planning were the way forward.

In the Med, or on with web, first place is the only place for Media Skunk Works and our clients. Step one: the perfect team, under precise leadership. Research told us that Olympic hopeful Seb Rippard was the skipper for us. And he didn’t let us down! Step two: preparation: an afternoon’s intense training in the Grand Harbour in Valetta was all that was needed to tighten our team an hone the skills onboard. Step three: delivery, no excuses. Seb skippered the team of Paul Reilly, Nick Garner and Piotr Kudela, to an easy victory the following day, under blazing sunshine in the deep blue Mediterranean waters. Everyone played to their strengths, followed and led where required and importantly, took the action necessary to win. Dogged determination and a fierce sense of competition - part of Media Skunk Works’ DNA - of course helped ensure smooth sailing.

As Paul Reilly lifted the winning plaque, he noted, “from the outset, we entered this competition with one thing in mind, first place. After all, you can’t have a boat full of super competitive SEOs and a world class skipper only to come in second place. We’re already looking forward to next year when we will return to defend our title.”

MediaSkunkworks anticipates the competition to intensify next year. And to that, we simply smile and say, “Bring. It. On.”.


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