Innovation is at the core of our business

Our evolutionary path has been driven by innovation. The simple process of solving complex problems with elegant, cost effective solutions. Our mission: To dissect the agency model, through ideation, planning and execution of projects carried out by a radical autonomous group.

Recycling bi-products of data extraction

Our policy has been consistent in approach:

  1. We generate revenues by solving large-scale data driven problems.
  2. We analyse the bi-product(s) of these processes.
  3. We recycle the bi-product(s) to solve new emerging problems.
  4. We anticipated future bi-product(s) derived from the solution of emerging problems
  5. We continually improve and optimise all the preceding processes and solutions

The key components of this innovation cycle comprise of people, processes and technology. Using creative technology, world-class expertise and applying cutting edge business procedures to industrialise and scale the unique problem solving process. MediaSkunkWorks initially solved a number of crucial issues related specifically to the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Industry.

What To Do With All This Data?

The challenge, which is typical and widespread, among many companies, who produce large quantities of data as a bi-product of their primary function, is what to do with and how to derive value from vast quantities of structured and unstructured data?

Problem #1

To deliver safe, scalable, business critical, link building and outreach for SEO departments in large iGaming companies and international full service agencies.

Bi-product #1

Our contact database of billions of webmaster contacts, telephone numbers, social media contact and, crucially, relationships.

Problem #2

Market forces motivated us to solve reporting and performance measurement to innovative and unique tracking challenges. These were required to evidence the effectiveness of our solution to problem #1.

Bi-product #2

Billions of search engine ranking data points, including domains, URLs, historic and current link profiles, page language, geo-IP, tweets, Facebook likes or shares (in all 56 unique metrics per unique URL).

With Each New Solution A Emerges A New Challenge

The preceding bi-product enabled the capability to monitor, measure, benchmark and predict future algorithm changes, based on vectors within the distribution of data, related to penalised domains, volatility of search engine results, commonalities among punished sites, and the vectorisation of various thresholds.

This led to the SEO industry’s first accurate predictive modelling technology for the purpose of anticipating and avoiding future search engine algorithm updates. Google’s increasingly challenging spam detection algorithms offered us more insight with each update, at the same time that a new problem emerged: Data storage which, due to the nature of Big Data storage mirroring is both cumulative in scale and geometric in cost per terabyte.

Problem #3

Data-storage capacity and cost – The solution to this required the acceleration of expansion outside the scope of purely link building, outreach and SEO intelligence.

It was around the time of this realisation when we took stock of our capabilities and activities and concluded that despite Google being our primary source of data (by volume percentage), we had unwittingly become a scalable data mining company, with potentially infinite capacity to parallelise our mining infrastructure, extraction and impel our filtering capabilities.

The top-level sub-system architecture is based on a similar modular design of the early modular synthesisers such as the Minimoog. A design decision arrived at by virtue of founder, Paul Reilly’s passion for music technology, having studied degrees in Electronic Systems and Control Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University plus music technology, and music production at both Leeds Metropolitan University and the Prestigious Leeds College of Music.

The modular system architecture enables an infinite number of complex routing possibilities which may be configured and adapted to solve many different data related problems and output . We now provide the following services either directly or through our many partnerships:

  • SEO consultancy and management
  • Link building and outreach for content marketing
  • SEO insight and intelligence with algorithmic predictive modelling
  • Google penalty removal services and quality control process change management
  • Content provision, creative editorial planning and out-sourced journalism
  • Optimised player reactivation – multi-platform social profile data enrichment
  • Real-time registration optimisation – multi-platform social footprint for CRM/Call Centre
  • High-roller player acquisition and VIP affiliate acquisition.
  • SEO departmental auditing, risk assessment and management, process refinement
  • – Augmented Intelligence SEO Technology for SMEs
  • Scalable Enterprise Data Mining and Extraction Technology and Infrastructure Support
  • A number of currently stealth bitcoin and crypto-currency projects
  • Performance marketing opportunities for high CPA/Rev Share or Hybrid compensation models
  • PR and marketing communications and social media management
  • Internationalisation, localisation and translation
  • Web design, build, and branding and conceptual ideation
  • Legal services: litigation, EU repatriation, IP protection services, off-shore formation
  • Online reputation management and brand sentiment augmentation
  • Custom data science tasks

The ironic thing about our evolution is that, despite being hell bent on never becoming “an SEO agency”, somehow, mostly through client demands we’ve become something which resembles an SEO agency.

Complete with a client services department, an industry-leading content team comprised of specialist, trained journalists, a development, linguists and translation services, social media marketing and presence management personnel structured processes and operational maturity and world class technical SEO capabilities. Not exactly what we had in mind when we started out, but hey… we’re not complaining. it’s working out quite well.