Halifax & Leeds escorts FCKD, SEO Report Reveals!


Hookers in Halifax and Leeds (West Yorkshire) have experienced a somewhat barren spell in the run-up to Christmas. Google have been making a list, checking it twice and the filter thinks these web masters are naughty rather than nice.

Escorts FCKD… Rankings Take a Banging!

It’s an eerie feeling when the only three domains to be penalised in the UK over the past seven days belong to the supplier of fine West Yorkshire escorts as well as fxcm.com for the phrase “Spread Betting” and totalfilm.com for the biggie “Film.”


An Eerily Quiet Week in Search Engine Volatility

As the below images show, a dramatic reduction in penalties has followed a harsh previous month, with such sanctions returning to previous normal levels. Halifax and Leeds Escorts, however, remain on Google’s naughty list.

“The recent data shows that the long-awaited lull in algorithmic volatility is finally providing an opportunity to conduct deep analysis” said Paul Reilly CEO Media Skunk Works

Compare this last 7 days with the same period 2 weeks ago…

The clearly visible slow down in activity appears as a stark contrast to the same seven-day period commencing two whole weeks prior. This data indicates a quiet time for SEOs to reflect upon their strategies and take stock of the available data.


The chart below shows Google ferociously ripping through link spam so viciously that it made even the most careful of SEO practitioner nervous.

FCKD Domains UK Natural Search – 27th October to 5th November.


Queen Elizabeth II appeared momentarily FCKD in two places, however these were confirmed as false positives, highlighted due to recent news hosted on sites with architectural pagination decay.

This comparative lull in volatility marked the end of a month of carnage in the Search Engine Results, with high profile casualties including: betvictor.com, newlook.com and galabingo.com.

Media Skunk Works’ algorithm monitoring technology provides clear visualisation of sites’ movement and overall severity and nature of each algorithm update. The green bands and intense highs of the yellow volatility peaks in the chart below provide a visualisation of the recent filter intensity (seen here taking 888’s UK subdomain for the phrase Roulette UK).

888.com … time to canonicalised the UK Subdomain back to WWW

roulette_uk_-_uk_888_com_-_UK_-_STOP__Blind_Panic_Report_-_my_reach_ai_-_reach_ai_LimitedConsider that a word from the wise!

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