Employee Polygraph Tests Strengthen SEO Security


MediaSkunkWorks, the University of York based Innovation Laboratory, announced today the introduction of mandatory employee polygraph testing, in order to ensure their clients’ information and data is secured and kept confidential while ensuring the moral integrity of employees.

MediaSkunkWorks is best known for its pioneering work in SEO, operating primarily in the iGaming industry. The innovation laboratory’s services cover many facets of player acquisition and retention, most notably: data driven SEO intelligence, scalable content marketing and outreach services.

The unique application of MSW’s big data is not limited to SEO, however, and future service offerings will include an enterprise-level intelligence platform, developed out of the company’s crawling and extraction proprietary software.


Why Polygraph Testing?

“We are not taking any chances with either our reputation or our intellectual property. Our business processes have redefined industry best practices. However, our monitoring and observations on several recent high profile SEO disasters have enabled us to identify one significant remaining point of failure – employee integrity.”

“Disgruntled ex-employees and data leakage can destroy a client’s revenues overnight. The only way to minimise this risky component is through intensive screening including: background checks, psychographic profiling and polygraph testing as part of a standard H.R. policy. The entire SEO industry is acutely aware of negative SEO brought on by unhappy (ex) employees and what that can mean to a multi-million dollar enterprise.” – Paul Reilly, CEO and founder of MediaSkunkWorks

MediaSkunkWorks note an anticipated YOY revenue growth of 42.9%, with a shocking 12.4% of this growth attributed to revenue derived from penalty removal services.

Polygraph Supplier of Choice

Given the sensitive nature of polygraph examination and the rationale behind the move, Media Skunk Works, following several months of due diligence, have selected Veritas Polygraph Services as the preferred examiner. The UK based company is privately owned by Patti Musicaro, a Forensic Psychophysiologist who graduated from the Academy of Scientific Investigative Training in Philadelphia, an accredited school of the American Polygraph Association.

Patti has recently carried out over 200 polygraph tests for the Philadelphia Police Department as well as tests on security forces in Iraq and on the UAE military using state of the art polygraph technology.

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